Main features

  • Scanning the NTFS file systems and Active Directory

    Specify directories or network shares to scan and configure depth. Add (nested) group membership information to the database by selecting particular LDAP Organizational Units to scan.
  • Filters and overviews

    Create filters and include or exclude particular members, simple or special permissions and folders or files. Save your filters as Selection or save and re-use them as report.
  • Tracing permissions

    Zoom in on your search results and trace the origin of permissions that have been found. See if permissions are inherited from a (indirect) group membership or parent folder.
  • Reports and export

    Save your filters as report and export them to HTML or CSV and e-mail. Use different report types, such as permissions tracing and group memberships, effective permissions or plain Access Control List information of your directories.
  • Defining security policies

    Save your filters as policies and receive e-mail notifications if your policy report contains unwanted permissions.
  • Scheduling jobs

    Use command-line parameters to run a network scan or report export automatically. Let Permission Analyzer check all your policies and send out e-mail notifications by running the application with parameters and Windows Scheduler.
  • Modifying permissions

    Change the permissions of a directory directly from within the application. Changes are directly applied to the file system and the database is updated with the changes made.
  • Data protection

    Permission Analyzer can be secured with an application password. The password is required to open up the application and may be used to encrypt the local database using strong AES encryption.
  • External database

    Permission Analyzer is supplied with an embedded database to store directory and group membership information. It supports a central company database, so that workstations can use the same information source or so you can create your own queries and integration.
  • Other features

    View member info and search for nested group memberships, modify LDAP attributes that are being used and make use of the update service delivered by Permission Analyzer.
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