Application queries

Why does the application not start?
Access denied on the workspace directory
Permission Analyzer writes data into the directory where it has been installed. If the directory is located in Program Files, Windows may decide to block the writing operations of the application. If this is the case, run Permission Analyzer as an Administrator. Right click Permission Analyzer.exe and select Run as Administrator.
What exactly is retrieved from the Active Directory?
Permission Analyzer makes use of the Active Directory to retrieve additional member attributes that are not available from the file system, e.g. the displayName and (nested) group membership. The application’s scan screen will show specific Active Directory Organizational Units (OU) to be scanned and Permission Analyzer will limit the scan to those OUs. The scan will only search for items outside the OUs if they occur in the member or memberOf attributes of members in the OU. This is done to obtain a complete overview of group membership for each member of the OU(s).

Note: because a universal group can have members from domains other than the domain where the group object is stored and can be used to provide access to resources in any domain, only a global catalog server is guaranteed to have all universal group memberships that are required for authentication. On the other hand, the global catalog stores the membership (the member attribute) of only universal groups. The membership of other groups can be ascertained at the domain level. Therefore, if applicable, make sure you add both the domain controllers as your global catalogue to ensure a complete overview of group memberships. Permission Analyzer will make sure that no duplicate memberships are stored. Active Directory uses the following default ports:

  • 389: LDAP without SSL
  • 636: LDAP with SSL
  • 3268: Global Catalog without SSL
  • 3269: Global Catalog with SSL
Do I have to install the product directly on a domain controller?
No, you can run Permission Analyzer from any server or workstation within your domain, as long as you have enough permissions to read the security properties of the directories to scan and the OUs in the Active Directory.
Does the application require an Internet connection?
No, you can use an Internet connection to activate your license automatically, but you can also use our form on the website to create an offline activation file based on your license.
Can the application scan unix/linux shares?
Yes, the application can scan shares that support the NFSv4 ACL Model using the SMB protocol. Make sure ACL’s are enabled on the machine that hosts the network shares. For example, for OSX you can execute the following:
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.smb.server AclsEnabled -bool YES
Can I change the location of the embedded database?
Yes, just move the files H2DB.h2.db and H2DB.trace.db to another location on your hard disk and change the database path in the settings of the application.
Is there any limitation on the subfolder level or length of the file path?
In the Windows API (with some exceptions), the maximum length for a path is MAX_PATH, which is defined as 260 characters. Reading the file path is no problem, but getting the security descriptor of the file fails when the file path exeeds the MAX_PATH length. Permission Analyzer has a workaround to support long file paths anyway! Whenever necessary it converts the long file path to its 8.3 short notation (file names with ~1 etc) before reading the security properties. The long file path is stored in the database along with the security info retrieved by the short path. This way you still have a readable long path including the security info.
I have discovered a bug. How can I report it?
A dialog window can be opened within the application, allowing you to send a direct message to our tech support team. The dialog window also allows you to send the application log in zip format. Go to [Help] > [Contact support]. Make sure you’ve configured a valid SMTP server in the application settings before sending out the e-mail.

License queries

How can I move my license?
A license is linked to an installation of Permission Analyzer. That’s why it’s important to deactivate an old, previous installation. This can be done automatically online or manually through the website. Open [Help] > [License information] and select [Deactivate license]. You will now be able to activate the license on another device.
How many licenses do I need?
A license is needed for every installation of Permission Analyzer. You should select the appropriate edition of Permission Analyzer based on the number of groups and users you are scanning on the file system and Active Directory. If you’d like to move Permission Analyzer regularly, e.g. to use for several clients temporarily, then you’re best off choosing the Consultant Edition.
How can I get a written quote?
You can easily create a quote yourself in the order process. To do so, place the desired products in the shopping cart, proceed to checkout, enter the required data in the order form and select your preferred payment type. As usual, you can review all of the information you entered again on the confirmation page. Then, instead of completing the order using the button at the bottom of the confirmation page, click the “Save as quote only” link.
We will then process the information you entered and send you an e-mail confirmation. This e-mail contains your quote details, a link to the login page of the “My Account” area in the Customer Care Center and a PDF attachment with the non-binding quote.

You now have 14 days to review and edit the quote in the “My Account” area in the Customer Care Center. Log in with your user ID and password and click the ‘Quote overview’ tab. There you will find an overview of your quotes where you can view the details, delete the quote or order the products in the respective quote by clicking ‘Process as order’. You will then be redirected to the order process automatically via a secure connection.

As you have already entered your information, we can process your order immediately. A description of the subsequent steps is given in the answer to the question ‘What will happen after I place my order online?’

If you do not place an order within 14 days, the quote will be deleted automatically after this 14-day period.

What is Permission Analyzer’s ordering process like?
Permission Analyzer’s orders are processed by our sales agent Share-It, one of the biggest software sales agents worldwide. Share-It supports the following payment methods: credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diner’s Club, as well as Maestro debit cards issued in the UK), wire transfer, check, PayPal and WebMoney. When you pay by credit card you will immediately receive the license file(s) by e-mail.
The trial version is too limited. Can I test a full version?
Sure! Just fill out our online form to request a trial license for a specific edition.
Can I sign up as reseller?
Yes, you can register as a reseller or affiliate through our sales agent, Share-It. As an affiliate, you can market Permission Analyzer by placing links on your website to the relevant product pages on the publisher’s website. You will receive a commission for each sale of these products via your website. As a reseller you will be able to quickly and easily place online orders for your customers for products by “Perdemia”. As a reseller, you can log in to the publisher’s website without having to re-enter your personal information for every order.

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